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211-42200 It's Teatime, my dear! Cooking & Conversation (A2) - vhs im Sommer

Beginn Sa., 14.08.2021, 15:00 - 18:45 Uhr
Status Plätze frei
Kursgebühr 26,50 € (Ermäßigung: 26,50 €)
Dauer 1 Termin
Kursleitung Anja Mennecke

Let’s come together for a cup of tea or two and some sweet and savoury treats that you will prepare yourselves! Enjoy the smell of the Earl Grey Banana Bread straight from the oven. Learn how to make Buttermilk Scones and Lemon Curd. Take sandwiches to the next level with Indian spiced potato wraps. Enjoy vegetarian Scotch eggs and spicy plum chutney, along with Cornish fairings and porridge bars. Make small talk about British culture and lifestyle over forks full of crunchy and tasty salads. You will be surprised how easy it is to speak and cook in English all at the same time, so give it a try! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Steinhagen, Alte Dorfschule Brockhagen

Brockhagener Str. 224
33803 Steinhagen


15:00 - 18:45 Uhr
Brockhagener Str. 224, Steinhagen, Alte Dorfschule Brockhagen, Küche